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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

We want to connect you with your digital audiences through technologies with an added value.


Programmatic: Optimize your campaign, optimize your audience, optimize your results.

Our intelligent platforms guarantee better results at a very convenient price.

We segment your audience by sociodemographics, geolocalization, contextual, device OS, language, carrier, and we can even identify audiences by DMP.

We implement innovative formats such as rich media, native ads, interstitials, push ads, banners, video ads and audioads. And if you don’t have your own creativities, we can help you!



Native ads: Turn your ads into recommendations.

Native ads turn your ads into editorial content inside the web page the audience is visiting.

We take this native format into the next level, optimizing formats and aligning them with the graphic line of the web site the user is reading. Our platform can create, distribute, and optimize ads, turning them cross device, multi format and adaptable to different contexts. 

Let your ad become a relevant informative message for your audience!


Mobile Data: Do you know what your users are doing with their cell phones, beside your own app? Get to know their digital trace and optimize your campaigns!


Ogury is the most powerful mobile data platform in the region, that allow you to know what does the user do on the mobile, how he behaves through different apps and websites, how he consumes your brand or your competitor’s, and develops relevant insights you can use for planning your digital strategy. Thus, Ogury’s targeting is so detailed that only shows the ad when the user shows 80% or more of affinity with the brand.



Direct Publishers: A window to success: generate awareness at great scale with premium publishers.

We Transfer is the perfect media to generate awareness with premium formats, full screen, and with the indicated niche audience your brand needs.



Visual Intelligence: More visible Ads, that boost your visual creativity and improve the user experience.


Imonomy developed a technology that combines semantic programming theory with contextual analysis and Big Data analytics to create an intelligent platform that strengthens the advertiser–publisher–user eco-system. The platform uses the power of visual content to guarantee high viewability and great user engagement to meet each stakeholder’s demands.

Show your ads in interesting contexts for your brand, boost your key visual and improve you campaign engagement with a huge variety of hi viewability formats.



AudioAds: Audio advertisement that get 100% of share of noise.

a format that combines the efficiency of programmatic in users that listen to music or radio online. This is the perfect way to locate your brand in the users’ play list and catch their attention with 100% of share of noise, in desktop and mobile.